Friday, October 16, 2015

Revolution Offers Five Star Dining at Reasonable Pricing! Pawtuxet Village Dining by Linda Maintanis

Lately, dining in Pawtuxet Village has had its ups and downs. At the high end of the scale you could choose Basta.
This village icon specializing in Italian fare has re-opened, under the same name but with a new staff and menu, a few years ago. However, high pricing and small (albeit tasty) portions make Basta a place for just an occasional dinner.

At the lower end there are many, many bars, pubs and pizza joints in the village; all offering carbs, salads and booze for a quick bite. But there had to be more...I found myself looking for great dining with affordable prices for that night-after-night reliable good dinner.

Revolution owner, Dean Scanlon
Look no further, the newly revised menu at Revolution has boosted Pawtuxet Village with an infusion of flavors and foods at some very affordable prices. An old neighborhood fave which originally opened as the bistro L'Atitude, Revolution took it's new name and menu last winter. Owned and operated by Dean Scanlon since 1999, Revolution is the local favorite spot for steak, seafood and casual fare. Be sure to check their calendar for frequent events and specials!

This week the Providence Journal printed an extensive review of Revolution giving it a starry rating; read more here, A Tasteful Revolution details a typical evening fare at Revolution with an appreciation for it's friendly setting.

Shrimp Scampi Toast, foreground, is dotted with lime crème fraîche.
In the background, Baby Spinach Salad includes sautéed portobello
mushrooms and roasted red peppers interspersed with nuggets
of goat cheese.   (photos courtesy ProJo)

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