Monday, October 28, 2013

The Seduction of Chocolate, Guilty Pleasure or True Love? Innisfree Body Works - Workshops Pawtuxet Village

linda maintanis, james maintanis, innisfree body works, pawtuxet village, warwick, ri 
Innisfree Body Works in Pawtuxet Village has just 
announced their fall schedule for workshops. 

Located at the south end of the village, Innisfree Body Works 
is a little gem of a spa and wellness center. Pampering yourself with their unique and natural treatments  is special with their vast array of organic products.

linda maintanis, james maintanis, innisfree body works, pawtuxet village, warwick, riNow you can pamper your insides as well as your outsides by learning how to eat healthier options of your favorite foods.
The first workshop kicks off the holiday season with everyone's 
most sinful delight - chocolate.

Love chocolate but see it as a guilty pleasure? 
If you are like me and can't resist chocolate, 
this class will bring you to a new chocolate dimension. 
Chocolate is one of the most powerful foods available, 
linda maintanis, james maintanis, innisfree body works, pawtuxet village, warwick, riit's packed with antioxidants and minerals. 
Commercial chocolate candy and classic recipes 
are packed with allergens and toxic ingredients, 
leaving chocolate with no health benefits 
and a bad reputation.

In this class you'll discuss the health benefits of chocolate 
and the best ways to enjoy it guilt free. Just in time for the holidays you will learn easy and healthy recipes to blow everybody's mind and taste buds.

Class size is limited and reservations are required
Monday November 18th
linda maintanis, james maintanis, innisfree body works, pawtuxet village, warwick, ri
linda maintanis, james maintanis, innisfree body works, pawtuxet village, warwick, ri

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elephant Room in Pawtuxet Village - Tea and Crepes BYOB Local Tearoom Offers WiFi

The newest addition to Cranston's quaint Pawtuxet Village is not just a cafe, it's an experience.
Serving primarily as a minimalist-style loose leaf teahouse, 
The Elephant Room also offers a variety of coffee products,  
wheatgrass shots, daily water specials, pastries and 
an extensive crepe menu that includes savory and sweet choices.

Elephant Room, Pawtuxet Village, Linda Maintanis

Watch with wonder as they serve you their premium teas in clear glass pots for you to enjoy their beauty as they steep. Perhaps the grainy rooibos will paint your water red, or your hand-rolled white tea blossom unfolds before your eyes. All teas are also sold in bulk for you to enjoy at home.

elephant room, linda maintanis, governor francis farms, saint george court
In addition to their menu, the ambiance is a big part of the Elephant Room experience. Think minimalist zen-space set perfectly for enjoying
a cup of loose-leaf while listening to chilled music. The Elephant Room
is a B.Y.O.B. establishment that is open late on weekends AND
they offer free WiFi.

So whether you are looking to curl up with a book and a good cup of tea in a relaxed lounge setting, wine and dine in cozy indoor/outdoor bistro seating or get to work with a coffee and your laptop,
The Elephant Room is the place to be!
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Pawtuxet Village Farmer's Market - Saturday Mornings Enjoy the Bountiful Fall Harvest!

The village is very fortunate to have a great local farmers market right in their backyard. Just up the hill, off of Broad Street, you'll find the Pawtuxet Village Farmer's Market located in the Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet  parking lot. Open Saturdays from May til November; this year the market's last day is Saturday, November 23rd. That's the last Saturday before Thanksgiving, a great time to get local butternuts and turnips.
The market's annual Pumpkin and Pawpaw Festival is on Saturday October 12.  Rhonda and Joe of Rocky Point Blueberry Farm will be joining us with pawpaws, and samples of pawpaw treats.

pawpaw, rocky point farm, pawtuxet village, linda maintanis

Friends of Pawtuxet Village is holding its horse-drawn hayride (tickets at Twice Told Tales) and the Costume Swap. Le Favorite Bakery has seasonal pastries and breads.  Don't miss their delicious doughnuts, either.

pawtuxet village, linda maintanis

See you at the market.
More composting info, too!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Go Out For a Good Cup of Coffee? Home Brew Heaven Pawtuxet Village, Governor Francis Farms, Warwick, RI

Day after day I sit and watch many of my neighbors go out for a morning cup of joe. Why? I ask myself again, and again. When such a good cup can be home-brewed for pennies a day...

Here is what I drink every morning, at home.

linda maintanis, pawtuxet village, cranston, warwick, governor francis farms

This cup, shown above, was just made in less than a minute, in my own kitchen. How?
Simple, the right equipment makes it easy enough for a sleepwalker to do.

The coffee maker is a Keurig. I bought mine at Williams-Sonoma, but now they are offering this Cuisinart,
I guess it should work fine.

The second tool is the frother, the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus. Again, from Williams-Sonoma, but they do still sell this one for $99. GRAB IT now, it is the bomb. I have had one since 2007 and could not live without it.
Secret Hint: SKIM MILK, only, makes the best froth.

My personal fave in the K-cups is Newman's Own Blend, available everywhere, but cheaper at Dave's Marketplace.
It goes without saying, mine is Decaf!

And lastly, the cinnamon. A natural boost to metabolism, ground cinnamon should be a part of every daily diet
and this is great way to take yours...

So, how to do it?  Start your froth and preheat your coffee machine. Pour the all of froth and milk into the bottom of a coffee mug, I like glass for the "show". Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon and place in brew position. Select the most concentrated brew your machine offers (the fewest ounce brew) and drip directly over the mug of froth. Viola!